Temple Beth Torah
What Our Families Say

What Our Families Say

“From the first meeting with the B’nai Mitzvah chair, where we received our very helpful black binder to guide us through the next 9 months, we knew we were not alone in this very new experience as a parent at TBT.  The B’nai Mitzvah chair answered all my questions as did the other parents who had already been through this experience with an older son or daughter. The TBT community made our 9 months of planning easier by being resources to each other as well as volunteering to hand out programs, kippahs and minding the door during each other’s special day and service.  Our son got his first choice for a tutor to help him prepare for his Bar Mitzvah and we still feel blessed for all her help and support she gave as he prepared.  We are thrilled our daughter is now able to work with her too as she is currently preparing for her Bat Mitzvah.”

– Sharon Freedman

“Our B’nai Mitzvah was one of the best weekends of our lives! We enjoyed studying together with the Rabbi as he was really helpful and we learned a lot. He encouraged us to think about our Torah portion in a way that we could connect with personally such as through gymnastics, baseball, volunteering or our friendships. Our tutor Lauren was also very positive and encouraging, and told us that she “would be our biggest cheerleader” while studying and she was!  A highlight for us at the service was when our older brother Connor, who is on active duty in the Air Force, gave a really great speech of advice for us, along with our mom’s memories of us growing up together as best friends. Our celebration was a mystery bus ride the next day which our friends are still talking about!  We did not know where we were going so it was awesome. It ended up being an arcade, bowling and laser tag, with a stop for pizza and then finally frozen yogurt. It was fun to have our temple friends and friends from Wrentham meet and enjoy the night altogether- no one wanted to get off the bus when we got back!”

* Also through Missy’s B’nai Mitzvah project raising money and volunteering at Gifford Cat Shelter, we ended up adopting a cat and she is the love of our lives.

– Sincerely, Josh and Missy Canning