Temple Beth Torah

President’s Welcome

I’m so proud and excited to be starting my tenure as President of Temple Beth Torah, and especially to be welcoming Rabbi Mimi Micner at the same time! My highest priorities are welcoming Rabbi Mimi, ensuring TBT members are happy, welcoming new members, enrolling new students in our Religious School, leading the temple re-opening, and developing a long-term strategy while improving our finances and operations.

Rabbi Mimi is currently leading services on zoom each Friday night at 7:30 pm and Saturday morning at 10 am, please join us.

Chris Brumbach is leading the New Beginnings Committee that will help Rabbi Mimi get acquainted with TBT and each member personally, and to ensure a successful experience for our committees, staff, and volunteers.

The planning for Temple Beth Torah  re-opening is being coordinated through the TBT5780 team and our temple administrator, Michael Fishbein. We are working closely with Ritual, Education, Facilities, and every other committee to make sure our safety is protected and needs are met. B’nai Mitzvot are being planned for the fall. We commit to a High Holiday experience that is inclusive, meaningful, celebrates togetherness and meets the high level of spirituality that our congregants expect and deserve.  We are planning to  open the Religious School with a program that will engage all students, meet our quality standards for education as well as delight students, teachers and parents.

While the TBT5780 team did a tremendous job in leading us into a better operating model, building a long-term strategy demands clergy involvement, and with Rabbi Mimi we feel that we have found the perfect partner. That strategy work will begin in earnest after Rabbi Mimi has settled and most of the temple re-opening work is behind us. Now that we have a budget in place, our staff and volunteers will be continually working to improve operations, and we will report our progress back to you with regular updates.

Thank you for being part of the TBT congregation and family.  If you are new to Temple Beth Torah, please reach out to me so that I can personally welcome you to our family.  Wishing you all the best!

David Asher