Today is August 22, 2017 -

Adult Education

Fall 2016 Adult Education Classes:

Pirke Avot: Ethics of the Fathers

A continuing study of this book of Jewish ethical sayings of the Rabbis

A wonderful opportunity to explore one’s Jewish self from the wisdom of the Rabbis; Pirke Avot is one of the most widely studied books in rabbinic tradition that helps us understand Jewish ethical values, and  how they are reflective of who we are.

Sunday Mornings (following morning minyan) 9:00 – 10 (when religious school is in session)

The Real Housewives of Canaan County

A study of the stories of the wives of the Torah; Here is an opportunity to study the stories that were not taught in religious school. Who really were Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah and Miriam? Were they truly matriarchal figures?  Or was the Torah the insight into the bedrooms and the living rooms that paint an entirely different picture.

Fall Semester dates: Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. (November 15; December 6, 13)

Please let the Rabbi know you will attend

Lunch and Learn with the Rabbi

Once a month discussions with the Rabbi on relevant topics of the day;  Bring a dairy brown bag lunch and join the group in worldly discourse .

Wednesdays   12 – 1:30pm

Fall dates: November 16; December 14

Please let the Rabbi know you will attend

Early Morning Coffee and Torah

Catch the aroma of the coffee and a ½ hour morning ray of Torah.

Sound tempting?

Email the Rabbi for details