Temple Beth Torah

Fund Descriptions

Non-Endowed Funds:

General Fund Donations used to meet the everyday needs of the Temple.

Revitalization Fund – Supports strategic growth of our Temple.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund- Donations are used to assist the Rabbi with requests for financial assistance as well as to enhance the rabbinate here at TBT. The fund is reviewed annually by the Treasurer.

Israel Action Fund – Fund used to support activities sponsored by the Israel Action Committee.

Outdoor Beautification Fund – Provides for the beautification of our grounds. Used to create and maintain landscaping, provide for better signage, improve or replace the parking lot and other exterior maintenance.

Ronald J. Gashin Memorial Camp Scholarship – Scholarships are awarded to first time camp goers, based on written essays. Camp must meet certain requirements such as Kosher and observance of Shabbat.

Endowment Funds

Invested in conservative, income producing products. Only earnings are used.

Ronald Gashin Memorial Fund – Used for permanent and meaningful improvements to the Temple and its grounds

Robert Nirenberg Scholarship Fund – Provides scholarships toward a trip to Israel for children of Temple members. Children submit essays about their expectations of the experience to the IAC, scholarships are awarded equally among qualified submissions.

Linda Hankin Memorial Education Fund -Used specifically to provide resources to enhance the Temple’s Confirmation Program, such as speakers and teachers from organizations who are able to bring a new depth of equation to our students.