Temple Beth Torah
Lay Leadership

Lay Leadership

Temple Board Members 5783-5784 (2023-2024)

President – Christine Brumbach president@bethtorah.org

Vice President – Open

Member-at-Large/Past President – David Asher David.Asher@bethtorah.org

Director of Congregational Growth – Liora Stone Liora.stone@bethtorah.org

Treasurer – Mary Ann Oppenheimer treasurer@bethtorah.org

Director of Education – Nikki Glick   nicole.glick@bethtorah.org

Director of Operations – Adam Miller   amiller-tbt@comcast.net

Director of Religious Life – Charli Bernstein

Director of Community Life – Open

Recording Secretary – Judy Leavey   Judy.leavey@bethtorah.org

Member-at-Large – Bonnie Slater-deMont

Member-at-Large – Open

B’Nai Mitzvah Committee – Heidi Anderson
Guides TBT families through the B’Nai Mitzvah journey.  The Committee is also a resource to families.
Brotherhood – Eric Bloom ericpbloom@hotmail.com
Brings together men of TBT for social interactions and in service to the Temple.
Caring Committee – Lee Packer and Linda Weene emilieotr@aol.com
Provides chesed (loving kindness) to members of our own congregation who are in need of meals, visitation, transportation, errands or other personal needs.  The Committee operates via email and phone, with the Coordinators taking care of planning on their end. lindaweene@gmail.com
Early Childhood – Lauren Passier and Beth Ecker lkpassier@gmail.com


Education – Elissa Hardy Washburn and Elyse Banak banakse@verizon.net Elissa.Hardy.Washburn@gmail.com
In partnership with the School Coordinator and the Rabbi, the Committee guides the activities of the Religious School.  Members organize and support holiday events and educational experiences.
Facilities – Vacant
Responsible for oversight of maintenance and repair of the synagogue.
Fundraising – Vacant
Works to increase the financial resources available to TBT, to insure a strong, vibrant community.  Work involves raising money from individual donations as well as from events and activities that bring the community together.
Israel Action Committee – Barbara Kutner manitoba11@verizon.net
Seeks to deepen the relationship of members of TBT with modern Israel through programs that foster deeper understanding about Israel.
Marketing/Community Relations – Ronli Merlis ronli.merlis@verizon.net
Engages in outreach to the greater community of which we are a part.  Promotion of services and programs, social media updates and print postings are part of this Committee’s work.
Membership – Nadine Silver nadinetsilver@gmail.com
Is the gateway to engaging with the TBT community, any inquiries about our congregation come to the Membership Committee.  Engaging potential new members in conversation, answering questions and generating a welcoming spirit are part of this Committee’s work.
Religious Life Committee – Charli Bernstein cbbneb@comcast.net
Working in partnership with the Rabbi, this Committee develops and implements a meaningful, spiritual Jewish life for our congregation, rooted in Conservative Judaism.  This Committee meets regularly to consider programming, service planning, holiday services and life cycle events and how to meet the needs of members of the congregation.
Sisterhood – Leenie Glickman leeniegl@aol.com
Is a women’s organization striving to help all members of TBT feel connected, included, engaged and committed to each other.  This Committee actively plans for holidays, special programs, religious school support, and many other Sisterhood activities throughout the year.
Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) – Vacant
Is concerned with providing tzedakah (charity) to our community and the larger Jewish and secular community.  Meaningful projects that result in connections between TBT members, religious school students, and those in need, are planned and executed three times a year.
Youth Mitzvah Corps – Matthew Holman holmanmatthew53@gmail.com
Engages and connects with the young people of TBT, especially our teens.  Community Service projects, social events, and supporting TBT holiday events are some of the activities this Committee supports.
Social Justice Committee – Judy Leavey and Madeline Knapp Co-chairs mjleav8@aol.com
Works with TBT members to address injustices in our local and regional community.  This group “acts” to change those problem areas.  The current year, 2022-23, the Committee is addressing immigration and Refugee Resettlement through educational experiences within TBT, with the hope of working on state or local issues to provide equity and opportunity for refugees in the coming year. hemawesa@msn.com