Temple Beth Torah

Virtual Torah Study

March 28, 2020    
10:30 am - 11:00 am


Please join us for a VIRTUAL Torah Study this Saturday @ 10:30AM

Due to the Corona COV-19 virus, we are unable to hold services in our Temple.  This is a challenging and difficult time for all who are in isolation, observing the Stay Home order from Governor Baker and for those providing necessary care and support to our citizens.  Although, we do not encourage the use of electronics on Shabbat, the Ritual Committee and Board of Directors feel it critical to provide a “place” for congregants to connect, talk and study Torah, especially linking it to current events.  We have set up a zoom virtual meeting that will take place on Saturday @ 10:30.  The length of the program will be 40 minutes.  This will allow us to see how it works with the hope of expanding beyond 40 minutes next week so as to include a service. The school is using zoom to teach and numerous committees and the Board have held virtual meetings.   At the bottom of this email, is the Zoom invite.  Simply click on the link and join in! You will be in a virtual waiting room and will then be admitted.  Anyone can join but please be patient as we navigate through this process.

So please join us as we hold Torah study by Zoom.  We will begin by welcoming all and saying the Mishaberach prayer.   We will not be reading our congregational list or asking for other names but instead will say it for all those in need of healing, and for all those in the world fighting this terrible virus. We will then begin Torah study which will last approximately 25 minutes.  At that time, we will un-mute all attendees so everyone can participate in the discussion. We will need to be mindful of the time.  At the end of our study, we will conclude with a Mourners Kaddish.  If we do not have a minyan, we will use another prayer. We will conclude with a She’hecheyanu acknowledging all those that are working tirelessly to support us, protect us and provide medical assistance.

This week we start the third book of the Torah, Leviticus, also known as Vayikra.  The parsha for the week is Vayikra, “And he called.”  Who called?  It was G-d and he called Moses from the Tent of Meeting.  Vayikra provides “instructions for the priests”. The common theme throughout the Book of Vayikra prescribes “how Israel was to Iive as a Holy nation”, both as a community and as an individual.Specific sin offerings and sacrifices  are outlined.   Holiness equates to purity, both physically and spiritually. Today, we don’t perform ritual sacrifices but don’t we make sacrifices in life?  As so many are fighting this virus, many question, why this is happening; what did we do as a world to deserve this? Some question their faith. But this is a time to turn to our faith; to join together, to support each other and to pray for healing.

NOTE – if you have a Chumash at home, have it available during our Study. Don’t worry if you don’t have one – please still join.

The Ritual Committee of TBT

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Topic: TorahStudy-Shabbat3-28-20
Time: Mar 28, 2020 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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