Today is February 19, 2019 -

Bris and Baby Naming

We love new babies! The Rabbi is delighted to welcome new babies at the temple and/or in your home. He is happy to co-officiate with a mohel/mohelet at a bris (brit milah, ritual circumcision).

Ritual Circumcisions are traditionally done on the 8th day. If the baby is born on a Monday during the day, the bris would be the following Monday. If the baby is born on Sunday night after sundown, the bris would be that next Monday. Please contact us for a list of mohalim in the area.

Babynamings are a way for families to give baby girls an equally enthusiastic welcome to the community. Babynamings can be done any time during the first year or beyond. Many families welcome the baby at the temple on a Saturday morning, Sunday in their home, or both. Please contact the Rabbi or the temple office for more information.