Today is February 19, 2019 -


On Sunday our students meet by grade:

• Gan (K), Aleph(1st grade)  and Bet (2nd grade) meet on Sundays  during the first session.

Students in these grades explore all things Jewish by learning the Aleph-Bet and Hebrew words, studying and celebrating the Jewish holidays, exploring and practicing Mitzvot and Jewish values, singing Jewish songs and prayers, learning about Israel, and participating in community celebrations and events.

(Bet (2nd grade) students have the option of joining the older students in Hebrew studies on Tuesdays.)

• Gimel (3rd grade), Dalet (4th grade), Hey (5th grade) and Vav (6th grade) meet during the second session on Sundays. The grades explore a variety of Jewish topics such as Mitzvot and Jewish values, Israel, Jewish holidays, current events in the Jewish world and in Israel and more! Hebrew is experienced through holiday vocabulary and blessings, and through contemporary terms and words that relate to the topic studied. All grades participate in projects, discussions and interactive learning experiences as the main method of learning.