Today is August 15, 2018 -


We are teaching Hebrew in a new way for the 2016-2017 school year.  While we continue to teach Hebrew through prayer, we have added a new format of mini-courses that teaches everyday Hebrew words through movement, activities, and hands-on learning.  We call these mini-courses by their Hebrew name, Chuggim.

We have created five Chuggim that each run for a 5 week period to give the students an intensive focus on that topic.  The students will cycle through each Chuggim throughout the year.

    • Hebrew in the Torah:  Morah Charli will be teaching students how to identify and read the Hebrew vocabulary that they are learning in Ivrit prayer packets in the context of the Torah, Humash, and Tanach. This chug will help the students develop a comfort level with the Torah and with reading without vowels!
    • Prayer Vocabulary and Personal Prayers:  Morah Ruth will be reinforcing prayer vocabulary through fun activities. She will also help students to use that vocabulary to develop personal prayers that reflect themselves and their Jewish identity.
    • Hebrew Through Movement and Song:  In this highly interactive chug, Morah Jamie will be teaching the students some modern Hebrew vocabulary, through a variety of physical activities, Movement, and songs.
    • Cooking in Hebrew:  In this chug, Morah Nina will work with common Hebrew vocabulary used around the home, especially those used in the kitchen, and learn about kashrut (kosher laws). Students may find themselves using Hebrew to make their own special treat!
    • Journalism in Hebrew:  Morah Elyse will be teaching students how to bring their vocabulary knowledge to the news!  Each five week session will produce some sort of written/video news report that highlights Hebrew vocabulary.