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Through Tzedakah We Make an Impact

Temple Beth Torah offers many opportunities for the mitzvah of Tzedakah. Among these are vehicles through which people in special need can be helped, programs serving educational, spiritual and social needs can be assured and through which social action can be generated in times of community need. Listed below are some of the special funds that translate donations into action. Each serves a different purpose; all are well deserving of our generous support.
Non-Endowed Funds:
General Fund: All undesignated donations are used to meet the everyday needs of the Temple.

Outdoor Beatification Fund: Used to upgrade the grounds beyond regular maintenance.

Torah Repair/Replacement Fund: Provides money to buy new Torahs, repair Torahs, or to acquire ornaments and vestments for the Torahs.

Charles Cohen Library Fund: Money is available to supply our Library with books and materials related to Jewish issues and themes.

Ronald Gashin Camp Scholarship Fund: Funds are used to provide scholarships for children of Temple members to attend Jewish summer camps. Scholarships are awarded to first time camp goers, based on written essays.

Prayer Book Fund: Used to acquire books as needed.

Sanctuary Seating Fund: This fund was established to purchase new Sanctuary seats which were purchased several years ago. This fund now owes the Temple’s General Fund for the money used to purchase the seats.

Endowment Funds (invested in conservative, income producing products. Only earnings are used):

Ronald Gashin Memorial Fund: The earnings of this fund are used to beautify the Temple and its grounds. Debbie Gashin Walis and a panel of advisors make recommendations to the Board of Directors for projects to sponsor.

Jack Warsof Capital Improvement Fund: The fund was established to provide funds for capital repairs and replacement. The earnings are available at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Robert Nirenberg Scholarship Fund: The earnings of this fund are used to provide scholarships toward a trip to Israel for a child or children of Temple members. A Select Board of Advisors chooses recipients from applications.