Today is June 26, 2017 -

Rabbi Earl Kideckel

Rabbi Earl Kideckel joined the Temple Beth Torah family in the summer of 2001. He is a graduate of both the Rabbinical School of the Jewish TheologRabbi Earl Kideckelical Seminary and its undergraduate Joint Program, as well as Columbia University, holding Bachelor degrees from both institutions. He also has a certificate in Advanced Pastoral Counseling for the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute in New York.
With his many years of rabbinical experience, Rabbi K. (as he is often referred to) has helped to foster an evolving religious communal experience to the wonderful model of our Temple Beth Torah. With his guidance, Temple Beth Torah has brought a great deal of involvement on the part of our congregants and their families into our synagogue experience. Children are encouraged to participate in Shabbat services. Adult volunteerism to participate in reading Torah and Haftorot has brought several individuals to study and be a part of the service. Rabbi K. frequently steps down from the Bima for discussions and study related to Torah, prayers, and the world in which we live. Our Shir Shabbat has the Rabbi leading our congregation in an upbeat Friday service, joined a group of volunteer musicians. His involvement with our children begins with our monthly Friday night Junior Congregation and continues in our Religious School, USY, and beyond.

The warm, friendly, and caring manner of our Rabbi during his adult education classes has created not only a greater interest in studying our Jewish heritage, but a greater sense for community outside of the Temple as well.

B’nai Mitzvah families know the level of commitment that Rabbi Kideckel has to the process of creating a well-rounded Jewish experience. He has developed a program whereby parent and child study with him to bring a personal experience to the study of the Torah portion over an extended period of time. This involvement by the Rabbi helps foster a deeper understanding and personal relationship with each and every teen and parent in our TBT family.

Rabbi K.’s involvement with the greater Jewish community has brought recognition to our Temple. He is a past President for the New England Region of the Rabbinical Assembly.

In May of 2010, Rabbi Kideckel was honored by the Jewish Theological Seminary with an honorary Doctorate of Divinity for his years of service, study, teaching, and reaching out to the Jewish community.  Rabbi Kideckel has opened his study beyond the walls of TBT and often spends time chatting with congregants and community members at our local coffee shops.

Rabbi Kideckel’s wife, Lisa, adds a great deal to the Rabbi’s involvement in our community. They have three adult children.

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Kideckel on his personal study line at 508-429-7151 or by email at